Beachbum supporting Cine Mini

Beachbum UK support Cine Mini for showing of ‘Babe’

Beachbum UK have had the great pleasure of supplying bean bags to Cine Mini Film Club for their amazing event. Children were free to explore and interact with a beautiful film with their family. It was truly a fun day out for everybody!

Cine Mini are all about bringing the fun of the silver screen to real life for young children. The classic academy award winning film ‘Babe’ was the basis of this truly amazing event. The inspirational story of a shy Yorkshire piglet who doesn’t quite know his place in the world. The little piglet soon discovers that he can be anything he can imagine – even an award-winning sheepdog! Supported by a delightful assortment of barnyard friends, Babe the heroic little pig becomes a film character the whole family can and will fall in love with.

Is everybody sitting comfortably?

The Event

To accompany this great film, Cine Mini brought in farm animals for the children to pet and touch. This included sheep, goats, alpacas and most importantly a pig! There was face painting, pottery painting, push on tractors and lots more to do. Most of all was the buzz of childish excitement in the air due to the wonder of the film room. Beaming smiles from the children filled the room with Joy as the doors were opened. The beautifully decorated room, accompanied by a floor full of Beachbum bean bags were there for all to see.

This event was perfect! The children had a great time, the parents were able to relax meaning everybody had a lovely day. Cine Mini will be doing more shows with different films, and Beachbum are proud to offer our services to this amazing company dedicated to bringing fun to films for young children.

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